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Meet the residents of Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary

A farm animal sanctuary in NSW, Australia, our animal rescue work has directly assisted over 600 animals since our start in 2013.  We have between 300-350 animals in our care at any one time at Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary. 


Just like us, each animal is an individual whose personality and outlook is shaped by their life experiences.  Sadly, farmed animals are not protected from cruelty by the same legislation that protects the cats and dogs we share our homes with.  This leaves them vulnerable to abuse and neglect. 


At Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary, we share each animals story with the goal that readers may widen their circle of compassion to include animals they may have not previously considered as having personalities, interests, friends.  The animals we care for are complex, intelligent, character-filled beings who value their lives, visit their page to find out more about them!

Little Oak Animals in Motion

Little Oak Horses

Little Oak Horses

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