Cattle of Little Oak Animal Sanctuary

Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary is currently home to four Steers (desexed male cattle).  These fellows are all very distinct characters with their own personality.  To learn more about them, and the issues that face their kind in Australia, visit their page.  The basic care of our animal residents costs over $90,000 per year, and we do not receive any government assistance.  if you would like to support our work for beautiful bovines you can donate to us (donations over $2 are tax deductible) or support a bovine boy through a one off or ongoing sponsorship of them.

Jack Black
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Could help Little Oak provide vet treatment for vulnerable cows and calves in need


Could help Little Oak produce material to advocate for cows

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Could help Little Oak provide food for cows who have nowhere else to turn


Could help Little Oak provide care for a calf with nowhere else to turn

Looking for a unique & meaningful gift?

A cow sponsorship makes the perfect gift for an animal lover. The special sponsorship gift pack includes a stunning colour A4 photograph, Little Oak fact book, sponsorship certificate, and more. You can choose for the gift pack to be sent directly to your gift recipient, or you can choose to receive it to give to them yourself.

There are 3 different levels of sponsorship:

  1. $25 - receive sponsorship pack (certificate, photo & story) via email

  2. $50 - receive printed certificate, A4 printed photo, story in a stunning A4 folder

  3. $75 - receive a printed certificate, A4 printed photo, and story in a stunning A4 folder along with an organic cotton cow purse valued at $25

All ongoing sponsors (monthly contributions) are eligible for the printed sponsorship pack.


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