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Live-In Sanctuary-hand

On-site position 1-3 months term

Free Accommodation provided

We accept up to three volunteers at a time, for safety purposes we try to have at least two volunteers in the role at any one time.  There are two bedrooms, one with a triple bunk (for up to two people) and the other with a single bed (for up to one person). Please note that you may be sharing the Carers Cottage accommodation with other volunteers. You will not have to share a bedroom with someone unless you are traveling together and choose to do so.  We are located in a bushfire and flood-impacted area and care for animals impacted by the 2019/2020 bushfires. We are eligible to host volunteers traveling on 417 Working Holiday Visas.

Duties include:

  1. undertaking the twice-daily feed runs (morning and afternoon),

  2. daily cleaning of stable, poultry coops, and yards,

  3. undertaking health checks,

  4. some maintenance work,

  5. monitoring flock movements and

  6. assisting with the care of ill, elderly, and baby animals.

  7. Gardening/fence maintenance/other projects

  8. Helping with market stalls and events


Additional tasks may be required when new rescues or vulnerable animals arrive at the sanctuary.


This is a position of responsibility. You will be provided with specific requirements and care standards and your work will be monitored regularly. Heavy lifting (up to 25kg) will be required.


Morning feeds are typically delivered between 7 am-9 am and afternoon feeds between 4 pm-6 pm depending on the time of year.


The role requires volunteering work for between 25-30 hours a week.


The days worked can be negotiated.


Conditions of the role: The sanctuary is vegan. Animal products cannot be brought into or stored in the volunteer accommodation.


This position might not be for you if you are uncomfortable around large animals, don't want to clean up animal poop, don't have the confidence to manage the farm for an extended period on your own, or are uncomfortable working in hot, dry or cold climates. Working around farm animals is heavy, dirty, tiring, and requires strength and stamina. Working with large animals is not without danger, but the sanctuary has policies to ensure you are insured against workplace accidents. Your safety is primarily your responsibility, you must follow our safety procedures or else you are placing yourself at risk.


About you: Only those genuinely interested in caring for animals should apply. We ask that you commit to a minimum term of one month, and we have a maximum term of three months that can only be extended via negotiation with the sanctuary managers.


Couples/pairs of friends etc, are welcomed as we prefer tasks to be undertaken in pairs. We are a LGBTQI-friendly sanctuary and welcome people of different backgrounds and faiths. Compassion is an action word and something we take very seriously, including how we interact with volunteers, visitors and the public. Being open-minded to others and their lifestyle is a non-negotiable aspect of our code of conduct.


Experience working with farmed animals is preferred but not essential, as full training will be provided. Working with farmed animals requires attention to the tasks and being aware of your surroundings.


If you have particular skills, please let us know, as we are happy to adjust the role so that both you and the sanctuary make the most out of your stay.


About the Accommodation: Our newly completed Carer’s Cottage features two bedrooms sleeping a maximum of four people (plus two extra roll-out single beds in the lounge room), a living space with dining table, couch and television, a bathroom with shower and a kitchenette with fridge, convection microwave, toaster, kettle and sink.


The cottage is powered by off-grid solar electricity and all water used for drinking, showering, toilets etc is rainwater collected in tanks. You will need to be mindful of energy and water consumption but we will show you how to monitor the solar battery and tank levels. Volunteers can access a second living space and a larger kitchen with a dishwasher in our Visitors centre. Bedroom one features a triple bunk bed (double on the bottom single bed on top) and bedroom two features a single bed. A Digital TV device is provided enabling you to connect your Netflix, Stan or other subscriptions. Free WIFI (Starlink) is provided and we have a creek with a great swimming spot for when it is hot.


If short-listed, you may be required to spend a day with one of our current team members, so that your abilities can be evaluated.

Applicants will be subject to Police check before commencing period of volunteering.

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