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Tours are Closed for Winter

Please note that we do not host tours, glamping or kids' events during winter

(June to August). Our staff and volunteers are tied up with animal maintenance during these months, we thank you for your understanding.

Adults (18+): $25                              Duration: around 1 hour

Kids 10-18: $10                                      Max Group Size: 10

Kids under 9: FREE                          Min Group Size: 2 Adults                  Host: Sanctuary Co-Founders Kate & James



During the tour, we'll share information about Little Oak Sanctuary. We'll meet some of the animal residents of Little Oak and Kate will tell you their story and how they came to find sanctuary.  


The animals are all individuals; some are introverted, some are more extroverted, and we respect that.  Likely encounters include sheep, like Owen Woolson, an orphaned lamb and his buddy Rambo. 


We'll talk with the chickens, meet horse racing industry survivors Lucky and Didge, and their Clydesdale friend Clancy.  James Brown, Jack Black and Barry White are three dairy industry survivors who love meeting new people.  Moving from the big guys to the small, we'll meet mini ponies Lancelot and Phoenix, rescued from neglect. 


Time permitting, we'll head on down to visit Charlotte, Portia, Prince and Willow, pointing out their other piggy friends as we go.  We'll finish up at the Sharing Shed, where you can check out more information that we have available about our work before you go!

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