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Annual Reports

As a registered charity you can view ours, and other charities financials via the ACNC portal.  We operate with transparency and believe in the importance of sharing how we use funds effectively and efficiently.

Good governance is vital to building a lasting organisation that will be around to help the animals for decades to come.  We know the importance of this and accordingly, ensure we meet our reporting requirements and complete our submissions by date required.  We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest possible levels of governance, as reflected in the timely submission of our ACNC reports every year since our inception in 2013.

Report Cover.jpg
LOS Annual Report 2022.jpg
LOS Annual Report 2021.jpg
LOS Annual Report 2020 Cover copy.jpg
AnnualReport JPG.jpg
LOS Annual Report 2018 Cover.jpg
LOS Annual Report FY1617.jpg

Other Publications

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