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Our Animal Rescue & Advocacy Work

Since we began in 2013, we have been actively working to educate the public about issues faced by animals in Australia.  We hold regular open days, where the public can meet our residents, hear their stories, learn about the welfare issues that animals face and how they can help by living compassionately.  In 2013 we were fortunate enough to be selected as the Peoples Choice award winners of the Voiceless Institute for our Moving Connections bus campaign. The campaign saw a full-wrap bus advertisement travelling the streets of Canberra for 12 months, drawing thousands of people to our website where they learnt more about the animals that call Little Oak home and how they can help animals in Australia.  This was followed by another successful grant application to the Voiceless Institute, this time to create a television commercial that aired across three channels of the nine network across regional NSW for 6 months.

Our work reflects our mission, to promote compassion to all animals through education and cruelty-free living and we look forward to creating many more projects and planting lots of seeds of compassion in the hearts of Australians.  We continue to passionately advocate for all animals through animal rights campaigns.

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