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Meet the Team

Who We Are


James Luke

Co Founder | President | Property Manager

A professional musician and educator, James grew up on an Angora goat farm and always enjoyed being around animals. James has almost a decade of experience in land management including pasture regeneration, fencing, plumbing and is our go-to repair guy for, well almost anything!

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Kate Luke

Co Founder | Vice President | Manager

A degree qualified photographer with a background in accounts and management, Kate grew up surrounded by, and with a love for animals.  Kate handles all administrative tasks for the sanctuary, including accounts, grant management, social media & this website as well as volunteer management and production of our printed materials.

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Puplick Relations Officer

Dave was unsuccessful in his first career as a "working dog", but he's amazing in his role at the Sanctuary.  Dave is a sweet, affectionate, goofy fellow who loves couches, cuddles and playing chasey (or hide and seek).

An incredibly wholesome fellow, you can find Dave on IG @it.wholesome.dave


Our Volunteers

Animal Kindness Crew

Our sanctuary relies on volunteers to operate.  We have around 50 regular volunteers who help out each weekend undertaking routine animal care and shelter maintenance tasks.

These compassionate souls, who give up their spare time to help animals in the cold, hot, windy, or dusty conditions are simply amazing.  

We also have volunteers who, although unable to help out in person, can help remotely, or help us on market stalls in Canberra, rural NSW or Sydney.

If you'd like to help us out in any capacity, check out our volunteering page and/or get in touch!


Little Timmy Piglet

The guy who started it all

Born in 2012, Timmy came to us as a tiny 3.5kg piglet slated for death as he was considered a "runt".  This little guy won our hearts instantly - he was sweet, sensitive, so very strong and playful.  Tragically Timmy passed away at just a year old, from an illness that would not respond to treatment.  We planted an oak tree over his grave, to symbolise the strong little character that he was.  Timmy inspired us to start the sanctuary and this is where our name comes from.  He taught us so much, and we continue our work with the goal of sharing his message of compassion for all animals with the world.


Indy (RIP)

Senior Branch Manager

Born in 2009, Indy has been with the sanctuary since the very beginning.  With a sweet and gentle nature, Indy loves providing affection and care to orphaned lambs. Indy tragically passed away from congestive heart failure in late 2023.



Branch Manager - RIP

Known by his friends as "Resplendent Roy", our dear corgi x cattle dog friend joined the crew in 2021 at the age of 10.  Sadly he arrived quite unwell, with congestive heart failure, and limited time around the sun remaining.  We spent each day with Roy as though it might be his last. He was a sassy, funny, furry, cheeky, sweet being of love, and we are all the richer for having known him.  Dear Roy passed away in early January of 2023.  He will forever be in our hearts.

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