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"To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." ~ George MacDonald

Daisy was born in the fresh bloom of spring in October 2008 on a small-scale dairy farm. Like many others in her herd, her story began with the joy of birth and the inevitable cycle of loss inherent in the dairy industry.

As a mammal, Daisy, like all cows, was destined to produce milk for her young. However, the reality of dairy farming altered this natural course. Daisy was first impregnated as a young adult, entering a cycle familiar to dairy cows across Australia. Following a nine-month pregnancy, she gave birth, only to face the heartbreak of separation from her calf within days—a practice driven by the demands of milk production.


The fate of her calves—like that of many others—depended heavily on their gender. Male calves, unable to produce milk, were often sent to slaughter immediately. Females might be retained for future milking, but if they were surplus to the farm's needs, they too frequently met the same grim fate as their brothers.


Each separation triggered a profound grief in Daisy, mirrored by the natural bonding hormones that flood a mother's body post-birth. These hormones, intended to bond mother and calf, only deepened the pain of their swift and unnatural separation. Over the years, Daisy's repeated losses translated into a weary resignation—learned helplessness rather than acceptance.


Throughout her life in the dairy, Daisy endured emotional and physical hardship. She suffered from mastitis, a painful infection of the mammary glands, compounded by injuries from repeatedly treading on her own enlarged udder—damage directly linked to the excessive milk production demanded by human consumption. By the age of 12, considered old for a dairy cow, Daisy bore the scars of her service, her body a testament to the toll extracted by the industry.


But Daisy's story took a turn towards hope. Unlike many, her guardian recognised her as an individual, not just a unit of production. When it was clear that Daisy could no longer safely produce milk without significant risk of further infection, her owner chose a different path for her. Instead of sending her to the sale yards, her guardian transported Daisy to Little Oak Sanctuary on 30 June 2021.


Today, Daisy thrives not just as a survivor but as an ambassador for change. Her presence at the sanctuary, with its open pastures and freedom to be herself, is a testament to the resilience of the bovine spirit and the capacity for kindness within us all. Her life now is a precious gift—each day filled with the peace and respect she was denied for so long.


Daisy's story is a powerful call to action. It urges us to consider our choices and our impact on other living beings. By opting for plant-based alternatives, we can contribute to a kinder, more sustainable future for cows like Daisy and for our planet.


Support Daisy and the mission of Little Oak Sanctuary by donating or becoming a sponsor today. Together, we can ensure that stories like hers lead to an immediate future where compassion prevails.

Help Protect Cows

Cattle, despite their size and strength, possess a gentle and serene nature. Yet, despite their capacity for suffering, similar to that of beloved household pets like dogs and cats, cows are often excluded from the protective laws that keep our smaller companions safe. Instead, they are subjected to "Codes of Practice" that allow for painful procedures without necessary pain relief, and their lives are frequently cut short, far from reaching their natural lifespan.


But there's a way you can make a difference.

By sponsoring a calf or cow at Little Oak Sanctuary, you contribute directly to a vital movement for change. Your monthly sponsorship plays a crucial role in our advocacy efforts, allowing us to share the individual stories of these noble animals and highlight the broader issues they face nationwide.

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • Regular Updates: Gain exclusive insights into the lives of the cows at Little Oak. These updates, reserved for our sponsors, will provide a deeper understanding and connection to our bovine residents.

  • Impact Reports: Learn exactly how your contributions are being used to improve conditions for the cows at the sanctuary and for cattle across Australia.

  • Advocacy Information: Stay informed about issues affecting cattle and learn more about how you can help further.


Choose from three levels of sponsorship—$25, $50, or $75 per month—and join us on this journey towards a kinder future. Your support not only helps us maintain and expand our sanctuary operations but also bolsters our efforts to advocate for cattle everywhere.

Sponsor today and become part of a compassionate community dedicated to making a lasting difference. Together, we can ensure a brighter, more humane future for all cattle.

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