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“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.” ― Alice Walker

Born: 2006         Arrived: 2010


Clancy came to Little Oak in 2010 as a rising 4-year-old youngster.  The person who bred him had passed away, and his family had somewhat forgotten about his horses.  Left in a paddock for over 6 months, Clancy deteriorated into a very underweight and worm-ridden state.

Clancy has come a long way since then! Although he isn't 'broken', Clancy is a gentle and very obliging fellow who puts his trust in us to care for him.

In his many years, Clancy has also undergone two major surgeries to address an inguinal hernia and has recovered from a significant hoof injury.  Clancy has experienced a lot in his life, but he has taken them all completely in his very elegant stride. This boy has a lot of charm and a lot of heart.

Horses are quite often seen as somewhat of a tool or piece of recreational equipment.  When our purpose for them ceases, we no longer have an interest in "dressage", we don't have time for "pleasure riding", the result is often horses are sold on, with little regard for the bonds they have formed or where they potentially wind up.

When we speak the truth sharing the story's of the animals in our care, we do so to raise awareness of the plight of so many others with similar stories.  The way we view animals, as resources here for us, is the source of immense suffering in the animal world. The truth, told with kindness and integrity, cuts through misunderstanding, and brings light and the chance for change.


You can sponsor Clancy and his friends below


Help Protect Horses

Horses are majestic, powerful yet incredibly sensitive animals.  Sadly they are also some of the most frequently neglected and discarded of animals.  The Australian racing industry sends over 10,000 horses to their deaths each year, they are used in rodeos and to pull carts for tourists. 

When you sponsor a Little Oak horse you will be helping protect horses. Your sponsorship will support Little Oak's essential advocacy work – sharing the stories of individual horses and the plight of their kind across the nation. 


Sponsor today, and we'll take you on a journey to learn more about horses through our regular updates - exclusive only to our monthly sponsors. We'll also keep you up to date on how your monthly gifts are helping to secure a brighter future for the horses at Little Oak, and their kind across Australia.

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Feeds a horse for a week



Provide hoof and preventative health care for a horse for a month



Covers the cost of hoof care for a month




Sponsor Clancy as a gift

Looking for a unique gift idea?  We offer Gift Sponsorships via a one off payment, perfect for an animal lover. 

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