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“Like a phoenix from the ashes, they may defeat you, burn you, insult you, injure you, and abandon you. But they will not, shall not, and cannot destroy you. For you, like Rome, were built on ashes, and you, like a phoenix, know how to resurrect." ~ Nikita Gill


A bright new future awaits this little pony.  Phoenix shares a story with so many horses and ponies across the country.


Purchased as companions for kids who have long since outgrown their interest for them, these forgotten souls end up suffering as a result.

Exacerbated by the drought and a lack of feed, neglect can escalate quickly when animals, dependent on our care, aren't given the consideration they deserve.


We were alerted to Phoenix's plight, and he was surrendered to the Sanctuary in January of 2020.

Phoenix arrived weighing just 83kg, very underweight and severely malnourished.

Since his arrival, Phoenix has received parasite control, proper nutrition, dental care, hoof care, a good wash, warm rugs and the kindness and support he needs to regain his confidence with people again.

Phoenix may be small, but he's a little firecracker with a huge personality. As an older gentleman, he will spend out his years in our care at Sanctuary with his buddies Lancelot and Molly the mule.

You can support his journey by becoming his sponsor.