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Molly & Moon

“What makes night within us may leave stars.” ~ Victor Hugo

Molly and Moon were born one night in the winter of 2008 on a farm that bred Suffolk sheep.  Sadly their mother passed away giving birth to them, and they were found orphaned by the farm manager the next day. 

They took the two lambs in to care for, and they became close, dependable members of the family.  At 11 years old, these two ewes have lived far longer than most sheep are allowed to live.  Typically, sheep are sent to slaughter before the age of 7 as their wool production begins to wane as they age.

Sadly their carer eventually passed away, and her family cared for them for a number of years before circumstances meant they were no longer able to provide them a safe home.  Molly and Moon were much loved, but finding a safe home for animals who are typically viewed as commodities can be challenging.  These two elderly ewes are now safe for the rest of their years at Little Oak.

Being older ladies they may require a higher level of care than the younger sheep in the flock.  If you would like to support the care of these beautiful ewes, you can become a sponsor of them below.