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"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" Oscar Wilde

Molly's mother was a horse and her father was a donkey, this makes her a unique animal, a Mule!

Like their donkey fathers, Mules are often viewed as 'beast of burden' and are used by people for their strength and endurance, and like their horse mothers, they are frequently discarded when their human family no longer have a 'purpose' for them.

Molly lived for most of her life with a family and two miniature ponies. Over the years as the children of the family grew up Molly and her pony friends gradually became more neglected. When we were contacted, Molly and her friends were in pretty bad shape. Molly, as a mule, and the biggest of the trio, fared the best out of the trio, although she was still suffering from malnutrition to the point she had not shed her prior years winter hair.

Molly is a very sweet and friendly girl with a huge personality. She loves giving and receiving scratches, and you will find her mutually grooming her buddies, or even people if they give her a scratch. Since arriving at sanctuary, Molly has spent her days running around the paddock, rolling and quite frankly living her best life.


You can sponsor Molly and her horse friends below.

Help Protect Horses

Horses are majestic, powerful yet incredibly sensitive animals.  Sadly they are also some of the most frequently neglected and discarded of animals.  The Australian racing industry sends over 10,000 horses to their deaths each year, they are used in rodeos and to pull carts for tourists. 

When you sponsor a Little Oak horse you will be helping protect horses. Your sponsorship will support Little Oak's essential advocacy work – sharing the stories of individual horses and the plight of their kind across the nation. 


Sponsor today, and we'll take you on a journey to learn more about horses through our regular updates - exclusive only to our monthly sponsors. We'll also keep you up to date on how your monthly gifts are helping to secure a brighter future for the horses at Little Oak, and their kind across Australia.

Your donation



Feeds a horse for a week



Provide hoof and preventative health care for a horse for a month



Covers the cost of hoof care for a month




Sponsor Molly as a gift

Looking for a unique gift idea?  We offer Gift Sponsorships via a one off payment, perfect for an animal lover. 

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