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Cha Cha

Sassy ChaCha was born around September 2017, and arrived at Little Oak Sanctuary on 18 April 2019

ChaCha and 5 other goats were impounded in a Sydney animal holding facility after being picked up as strays.  Once at the animal holding facility, these animals are typically put up for auction and purchased for immediate slaughter, fortunately for this gang, Little Oak was able to provide them with sanctuary and they were spared just in time for Easter, 2019.

Although they arrived at sanctuary with a very heavy worm burden, they are now in good hands and have been vaccinated, wormed and vet checked. 

As the months passed and ChaCha's belly swelled, we became aware she was pregnant.  ChaCha gave birth to twin kids four months after her arrival, in August.  Daisy-Sue and Violet are born into sanctuary and will remain with their Mum for their natural life.

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