Erykah Baadu

Erykah was born around April 2019, and arrived at Little Oak Sanctuary on 3 July 2019.

Little Erykah was found wandering the outskirts of a suburban area in Sydney, with wounds to her legs and ears.  Her background was unclear, and so was her future, having been collected by the local pound.  Erykah had obviously been through some trauma, and was extremely timid.  On arriving at the pound she was comforted by a little goat who was around her age, named Andre.  Surrounded by barking dogs, having a herd member helped her feel safe and secure.

Fortune shone on this young duo when Little Oak Sanctuary was contacted.  On arrival at Sanctuary we found that Erykah had endured a process called "ringing" where a tight elastic band is applied to a lamb's tail in order to cut off the circulation - it is a commonplace practice used for docking lamb's tails and is routinely undertaken without pain relief.  As the band had cut through her skin, the wound attracted flies and her tail had become fly blown.  Ironically, sheep routinely have their tails docked to minimise the risk of fly strike, this instance demonstrates how the process can actually lead to the problem it is trying to prevent.  We took her to a veterinary clinic where she was provided pain relief and her tail was surgically removed and thoroughly cleaned.

Erykah is understandably timid, her short life has been filled with pain, trauma and stressful situations.  Now she is in sanctuary we will show her what it is like to feel belonging, safety, trust and kindness.


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