T-Rex Races in the Heart of the Nation

Making Cruelty Ancient History

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Making Cruelty Ancient History

Event Details

what: an afternoon of cruelty free fun

This year the Compassionate Stakes is going virtual!  Join other compassionate humans watching our volunteers race and complete obstacle courses whilst in giant inflatable T-Rex costumes!

We'll also be live streaming our rescue horses, being their awesome selves and living their own lives on their own terms.

Where: live streamed via facebook

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When: Tuesday 3 November 2-4pm

More details of times and events coming soon

Why: having fun shouldn't involve cruelty

One horse dies on Australian race tracks every three days.  More and more people are deciding that entertainment that relies on others having a terrible time is no fun. We all enjoy getting dressed up and having a good time with friends, but watching animals suffering is no-one's cup of tea.

Melbourne Cup Facts


We hope to bring you the Compassionate Stakes from the heart of Canberra City, Australia, in 2021