Learn about Sheep

Sheep Videos

What is a baby sheep called? are sheep silly? do they have feelings? what do they eat? Watch our educational videos "facts about sheep" and "are sheep silly" along with our short videos that tell the story of many of our sheep residents to learn lots of facts about these wooly animals.

Once you've watched the videos, you can test your knowledge and creativity with our range of puzzles and art activities to celebrate sheep!  Word search, Cloze activity and Crossword puzzle suitable for ages 6+ - craft activities for ages 6+ and colouring in for ages 1-101.

Sheep Activities

Watch our educational videos "Facts about sheep" and "Are Sheep Silly" and then test what you've learnt by completing our word search, crossword puzzle or cloze activities.  Or download our gorgeous colouring in pages and craft activities and let your creativity shine! Some other sheep related activities you might like to do include:

  1. Write a story about a sheep (perhaps the one you created with our activity sheets), some facts about them, or a question you'd like to ask us about sheep.

  2. Send us a photo of your completed colouring or craft activitie (via the upload link below)

  3. Watch our Sunday morning live video for kids at 10am on Facebook where we'll answer your questions, read your stories and show your colouring!