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Many people today are unaware of the plight of farmed animals, but through our work sharing the stories of farm animals who come into our care, we are shining a light on their suffering.  The impact we are making extends far beyond the animals we help directly, our message plants seeds of compassion in hearts and minds, reducing the suffering of animals across the planet.

You have the chance to join us.  By starting a monthly donation, you can help us create a world where farmed animals are no longer treated as mere commodities, only valued for what they produce for humans.  You can help create a compassionate world for all.

What is regular giving?

Regular giving programs allow you to give generously to the charity of your choice. Instead of donating to your chosen charity as a once-off cash gift, you establish a regular recurring donation, usually on a monthly basis.  Regular monthly donations are vital to ensuring that we can continue to fund ongoing programs that meet the needs of the communities we serve and support.

How will we use your regular donation to help farmed animals?

There can be a better world for animals.  When you donate monthly to Little Oak, your charitable gift supports our:

  • Animal rescue services - undertaking and assisting with the rescue of farmed animals

  • Animal rehabilitation - helping rehabilitate injured or traumatised farmed animals

  • Animal advocacy - developing advocacy programs and educational programs for school children and adults

  • Animal adoption - adopting animals out to safe forever homes, and staying in touch to ensure all required support is provided

Become a Sanctuary Supporter, and join our regular giving program

Donating regularly is an extraordinary act of kindness. Your gifts will help us plan and deliver life-changing care for animals long into the future.  From building shelters for rescued pigs to improved vet care for vulnerable orphan lambs, your donation will help create one tangible change after another, creating a model of compassion for all animals.

Can I change my monthly donation after I start regular giving?

We understand that your circumstances may change. If you need to change how you donate to Little Oak Sanctuary, you can easily make changes via Donorbox, or get in touch with us if you need help.

How much of my donation goes towards helping animals?

Little Oak is largely run by volunteers and directs over 90% of its income to direct care for animals, with the rest required for administrative support and related expenses. Donations are managed with the highest level of professionalism and accountability.


Little Oak Sanctuary is dedicated to ensuring that every donation we get is put to its best use to ensure that no opportunity to help an animal in need is missed.

​Are recurring monthly donations tax-deductible?

All monthly and recurring donations in amounts of $2 or more are tax-deductible in the given financial year. We’ll send you a consolidated receipt of your regular donations at the end of each financial year in July to support your claim on your tax return.

Please start your recurring monthly donation today

If you want to do something wonderful, please start a recurring monthly donation to Little Oak today. It’s people like you who help us create a compassionate world for all animals.

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