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Vincent Van Goght

Birth date: Vincent Van Goght & N'Annie Lennox                             11th August 2015

When Angel and Ivy arrived at Little Oak Sanctuary in March 2015, we were told there was a chance, due to a brief encounter with a neighbouring buck where they were being kept shortly before they were moved, they might be pregnant.


As their bellies have expanded over the following four months we became more convinced that this was the case, and in the early hours of Tuesday 11th August 2015, Angel gave birth to twin kids! A boy and a girl, we named these two Vincent Van Goght and N'Annie Lennox.




Vincent, born into sanctuary, will be valued as the individual he is, and will live out his days as a family with his family, something typically denied animals raised in agriculture.


You can sponsor Vincent and his siblings and help contribute towards the cost of keeping these guys happy, safe and healthy via the link above!

You can sponsor Vincent and help cover his ongoing feed, vet and shelter expenses or make a donation to support his care here.




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