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Vince & Howard Roosters

“Life has a way of shining on people who stand in the sunshine of kind actions.” ~ Bryant McGill

Birth date: 2013

Arrival date: 24 December 2017

Roosters are amazing birds - full of character, flamboyance and chivalry.  Descendants of junglefowl in South Asia, these boys have a rich history and far from humble history - it's an amazing fact that chickens are one of the closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus Rex!


Unfortunately these spectacular birds are one of the most unappreciated of farmed animals.  Forgotten and discarded in the egg industry, and the unwitting victims of well-intended projects in Hatching programs, these boys often fare badly. 


Howard and Vince (named from the Mighty Boosh) are two boys who were born as part of a school hatching project.


What are chicken hatching projects? Every year around Australia many thousands of baby chickens are born in pre-schools, kindergartens and primary schools. Fertilised eggs are delivered to school classrooms and kept in incubators until they hatch. Baby chickens are then kept and observed for about a week. Unfortunately after that week, especially if you are a male chick, you often struggle to find yourself a home.  Vince & Howard are two such boys.  Fortunately they found their way to Little Oak and will have a long, safe happy life. 


Help Roosters by learning more about the egg industry in Australia, and hatching projects and their alternatives

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