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Tyrion Lambister

"Accept noone's definition of your life, but define yourself" - Harvey Fierstein

Birthdate: 5 February 2015   Arrival date: April 2015


Knowing this little guy it's so hard to imagine but our sweet Tyrion Lambister nearly wound up the same way millions of his sweet innocent brothers and sisters do - as somebody's dinner.

Being raised in an apartment in Sydney from only a few weeks of age, with the intention of ending up on the dinner table, it was a stroke of kindness and a connection with this little individual lamb that spared him from this horrible fate.

Once they got to know him, the people did not want to go through with the original purpose they had secured the lamb for and advertised to find another home for him. Even then this little lamb was still not safe, however, with many people trying to bid on his life only to end it for a mere meal.


Fortune shone on this little lamb when a kind lady offered to find him a safe home, sheltering him at her mothers home in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Tyrion was unable to remain there, however, as he had been separated from his Mum and his flock at such a young age he had only people for companionship and would fret and bleat whenever left on his own.  This drew the attention of the council and Tyrion was given his marching orders.

A call was made to Little Oak Sanctuary and we gladly took this little boy in - he had been through such a whirlwind in his short, 7-week life, but ever since he has known stability, friendship and respect.

Tyrion is an absolute sweet-heart, he is full of personality, charm and innocence - he is indeed someone, not something. Now safe at Little Oak Sanctuary he will be an ambassador for lambkind and like his namesake, although small, will be a power to be reckoned with.

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