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Tim Bailey (The Wether man) - RIP


Birth date: June 2005   Arrival date: June 2017  Date of passing: 11 May 2020


Sweet Tim passed away in May of 2020 at the wonderful old age of 15.  A sheep's natural lifespan is usually up to 12 years old, so dear old Tim had a long time on this earth for his kind, and experienced much love during those years.

Despite the natural lifespan of a sheep being 12 years (or 15 if you're a super sheep like Tim) this is not the case for most sheep. Lambs raised for their meat are usually slaughtered at only 6-8 months old, sheep used for breeding are generally slaughtered and replaced at just 3 years old (like Emilie & Harriet) whilst sheep used for their wool are slaughtered at around 7 years of age.

Tim was one of the fortunate few who has been loved and cared for as an individual and allowed to live out his natural lifespan - this is really something we all should be entitled to do - live the life we were given and be loved for who we are - it should be the rule rather than the exception.

Tim Bailey (the wether man) arrived at Little Oak with his even older friends, Bella & Mary, both who have also passed on.  They came to retire to Little Oak Sanctuary as their family had to move across the country and sadly could not take them with them.

Rest well dear Tim, we will miss your gentle personality, ability to move very quickly for treats, and your gorgeous cinnamon speckled face.


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