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Take Action

Compassion is an action word! Here are some great ways for you to put your compassion into action for animals, the planet and your health today!


Take part in the Canberra Wheatbix Challenge

Organise a wheatbix drive with your school or workplace for the animals at Little Oak Sanctuary

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National Tree Day

Is your school or workplace interested in joining us for a day of tree planting at the sanctuary for National Tree Day? If so, please get in touch here

Bottle of homemade plant based milk and

Coffee with compassion

Ask your local coffee spot to start offering plant based milks, if they don't already! Plant based milks are much kinder to animals, the planet and our health! Ask us for some flyers to share the reasons why.


Take the Vegan Easy Challenge

The Vegan Easy Challenge inspires people to try vegan for 30 days and see just how amazing vegan can be! Great tips, support and advice!

Romantic tea party for lovers on Valenti

Cake and Compassion

Host a workplace tea party with vegan treats to share how delicious plant based can be with your colleagues.  You can raise funds for Little Oak by collecting a gold coin donation from each person who attends!

Bottle of homemade plant based milk and

Plant Based Milks

Learn how to make your own plant based milks at home!

Red heart in child kid and mother hands

Random Acts of Kindness

Start a Random Act of Kindness program at your school or workplace, contact us for more info on how to start!

Child and vegetables. Selective focus. .

Start a kitchen garden

Start a veggie garden at home or at your school!

Child and vegetables. Selective focus. .

Plant based at School

Ask your school cafeteria to go plant based, or to incorporate more plant based options to reduce your schools impact on animals and the planet!

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