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Liam Lambsworth

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou

Birthdate: 10 June 2017   Arrival date: 11th October 2017


This gorgeous boy arrived as a 4-month-old lamb who had experienced a very rough start to his life.


We have shared before that around 25% of all lambs born each year don't survive to weaning, tragically the death toll doesn't end there as mother sheep often don't survive the lambing process, or fall victim to illness shortly after delivering their babes.


Liam was found by a passer-by, still inside his deceased mother after she had died trying to deliver him. The passer-by, stopping to check on the prone sheep, finished delivering the still live lamb and took him to a local veterinary clinic, where he was cared for by a loving vet for the first four months of his life.


Being quite attached to his human Mum, little Liam bleated for her when she wasn't around, causing a complaint from the neighbours. Liam needed to find a home where he would be safe and loved for the rest of his life, and so a call to Little Oak was made.


This little chap took quickly to his new gang of other new arrivals at the sanctuary, Daenaries and Nellie, and the three are spending their days grazing and leaping and napping.  Liam is a very friendly little chap with a unique personality - just like all sheep - he is someone, not something.


Love lambs like Liam by avoiding wool products, and by not eating them




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