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Learn about Health

Knowledge is power - education empowers us all to make decisions that align with our values, based on facts.

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But where do you get your protein?

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Cow's get theirs from grass - we can cut out the middle cow and get ours from plants too!

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Popeye had it right! Plants pack a powerful punch when it comes to iron.  Find out the best sources for you.

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B12 is made by bacteria that live in the soil.  Due to soil depletion animals are now routinely supplemented with B12 - in fact 95% of B12 supplements produced in the world are fed to livestock.    It is far more efficient to supplement B12 directly in your diet that feed those supplements to animals and then still risk absorption issues.

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Where to start?

Want to know where to start? Sign up for Veganuary for information, guidance and support!

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Looking for some actions you can take to a healthier life? Start here!

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