Compassionate Kids program

We're excited to launch the first component of The Compassionate Classroom, our on-sanctuary kids' workshop series.  Our on-site kids' workshops are designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12 years.  Through a series of workshops, each featuring a particular kind of farmed animal, kids learn about their favourite animal, what's important to them, and how to be kind to them.


Whilst each workshop is different, they follow a consistent structure.  After we welcome our group of compassionate kids to the sanctuary, we undertake an engaging and interactive educational session where kids learn how in many ways, animals are just like us, tapping into empathy by considering how others feel in certain situations and the importance of being kind.  A short, kid-friendly tour focused on the species of the workshop introduces kids to the residents of Little Oak with some age-appropriate information about them.  The program winds up with some empathy-based activities, crafts and some kid and animal-friendly snacks.

Each child will receive a certificate on completion, a plush toy that carries the name and story of one of our rescued animals, and a booklet with engaging activities they can take home and continue learning with.

We have set dates for our workshops as outlined below, however, if you would like to book an on-sanctuary kids workshop for your school or scout group at a different time, please email Kate.

  • Hero for Horses Kids Workshop
    Sat, 22 Oct
    Does your child love horses and want to learn more about them, what they love and how to be kind to them? Join us for this inspiring, interactive workshop aimed at 7-12-year-olds, teaching kids what's important to horses and ponies, and how to love them!

Feedback from Parents

What did you like best about the event?

"The tour was great! I really enjoyed it and so did the kids. I liked the discussing about treating the animals respectfully and not approaching them, but letting them approach you."

Would you recommend the Kids Program to others with children?

"Absolutely! You can never have too much exposure to animal welfare and it’s important to see animals happy and respected"