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Wayne & Garth

"Don't ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. It's too short, and you're too special." ~ Ariana Grande

Wayne Born: 2012 Garth Born: 2014

Wayne & Garth started their lives in a petting zoo, but as common practice in these organisations, as soon as they had outgrown their cute-kid status, they were cast aside.


The constant breeding by petting zoos in order to keep their supply of cute baby animals only adds to the issue of trying to find safe forever homes, when very limited safe forever homes for farmed animals exist.  Even worse, if homes aren't found, this relentless breeding ads to the number of farmed animals slaughtered.


Many petting zoos will home slaughter the animals they have bred to use for entertainment once they have outgrown their cute baby phase.  It's important to know that in Australia, home slaughter is legal and completely unregulated - this means that there is no stunning required, there is no monitoring of how animals are slaughtered, and you can guarantee these animals who have established immense trust in humans during their short life face the ultimate betrayal by those they have come to depend upon.


Wayne & Garth are a rare lucky pair who found sanctuary - and now they advocate for the many other animals who find themselves born into petting zoos, for humans to pet and love whilst they are cute, but who will be brutally discarded if not slaughtered as soon as they are no longer of any use to the business.