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Bing and Louis

“What a Wonderful World.” ― Louis Armstrong

Birthdate: 21st September 2013


On 31st July, we travelled to Goulburn Sale-yards with the aim of providing a safe home to some individuals in need. We found those individuals in Harriet & Emilie, two pregnant Wiltshire ewes who were sold to the 'meat man'. Sadly we could only save those two, and the rest of their pregnant flock were shipped off on a journey of around 8 hours to a slaughterhouse in Wodonga.

We have had the absolute pleasure of enjoying these two ladies amazing personalities, and have just been absolutely blessed to witness the birth of Emilie's twin boys, and Harriet's twin girls - who they very clearly love very much.

Emilie's boys have been named Louis and Bing, after Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby - they are like a song of joy to us, and make us think to ourselves amidst all the heartache, what a wonderful world!


Continuing the song-of-joy theme, Harriet's twin girls have been named Ella, after Ella Fitzgerald, and Edith, after Edith Piaf.

These beautiful babes are enjoying the life they deserve, loved and cared for by their Mums, keeping their tails and ears intact, and being known as the dear individuals they are ♥




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