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Ariana Grande

"Don't ever doubt yourselves or waste a second of your life. It's too short, and you're too special." ~ Ariana Grande

Ariana was born around August 2017, and arrived at Little Oak Sanctuary on 30 December 2017.

Tiny Ariana had been wandering the suburbs of Canberra for over a month before someone was able to corner her in a backyard and take her to safety.


Weighing only 8.4kg on arrival, this tiny little girl is very lucky to have not been attacked by dogs, or hit by traffic.  Having seen her ability to leap - around 4 times her height - she has some impressive survival skills, and these obviously helped her make it at least a month without the guidance of her mother.


As a very young goat, it is most likely she has become separated from her mother.  She quickly found comfort in the Little Oak goat herd, bonding with her adoptive Mama, Bleatrix Potter.


Ari is still growing and at last check was over 40 kilograms.  We are enjoying seeing this little acrobatic character grow in stature and confidence as she settles into life in sanctuary.




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