2020 has been the most challenging year in the history of Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary.

We've endured years of drought followed by fires, floods and the Covid19 Pandemic, all the while rescuing animals from abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Now, more than ever before, animals desperately need our help.  Please donate today

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Our Vision:

Little Oak Animal Sanctuary - creating a compassionate world for animals

Do you think the world could use more compassion? We do too.  At Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary, our work promotes the idea that compassion is an action word, that by its very definition, should have no boundaries; no-one should be excluded. Little Oak is a sanctuary for farmed animals, located within easy driving distance from Canberra and Sydney.  We work towards a world where there is compassion for all animals, through our empathy education programs for kids, advocacy and open days.  A passionate for-purpose organisation, we seek solutions that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

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A Raging Fire

On 29th November last year, James and I stood watching what would become the 37,425ha Tallaganda state forest rage towards Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary. The smoke, the heat, and the site of flames headed towards us was of a scale we had never experienced before. It was truly overwhelming and terrifying, especially because at that moment we realised we were underprepared.


186 terrified animals

We had never faced such a massive fire threat and it necessitated the evacuation of all 186 animals.  Our fire plan was implemented and our animals were evacuated to safety. Thankfully, this time, we had time on our side - but there are no guarantees this will be the case next time.

The 2019 bushfire was something we weren't adequately prepared for. We need your help to be bushfire ready this season.


Please donate today to help keep all animals and their sanctuary safe this summer.​

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