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Retired Therapy Alpacas

9 alpacas from the retired "Alpaca Therapy" charity located in Canberra.These lovely alpacas are aged from 3 years to 18 years old and had been with their family, Nils and Linda, for much of their lives.  Several of the alpacas were therapy animals, visiting hospices over the years.


The alpacas have known a lot of love over their life but things have also not always gone smoothly.  Hercules survived a dog attack that killed his friend, and 18-year-old Ginny nearly died after being kicked by a horse where she was being kept.


Nils and Linda were desperate to find a safe place for the herd to live out their days of retirement where they would not risk injury from other animals, and we were happy to provide that safe place.


As always, the alpacas underwent a period of quarantine and a vet check.  We record any large animal's weights on arrival so that we have a baseline to monitor them from as patterns of weight loss might indicate a health concern.


The therapy flock are not available for adoption, they will live out their days at the sanctuary.  If you are interested in adopting a farmed animal please let us know.

Sponsor an Alpaca



Buys carrots, sweet potatoes and other vital alpaca treats



Buys a bale of hay for alpacas





Hay for a week


Sponsor an Alpaca as a gift

Looking for a unique gift idea?  We offer Gift Sponsorships via a one off payment, perfect for an animal lover. 

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