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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop

Hatching Date: September 2022


Quackers hatched into the world all alone. No mother duck to greet him, and no little duckling siblings either. Quackers was part of a school hatching project - one of eighteen eggs that were intended to hatch, teaching kids about the life cycle of birds.

Sadly, as many of us know today, these projects often have sad endings and leave kids upset and having learnt some unplanned and not so desirable lessons. It’s not just chickens and roosters who suffer through hatching projects. Duck eggs are also used, and sadly at the school where Quackers project was undertaken, he was the only duckling of the 18 eggs who managed to hatch successfully. Tragically, we know the suffering that comes from these projects all too well.

Please, if you know of a school planning on running a school hatching program, please tell them to think again. There is so much suffering and even for the lucky ones who hatch finding safe homes isn’t always possible.

Help Birds

Aside from sea creatures, Chickens are the most exploited of all animals on earth.  Did you know that for every 100 animals killed for food, 98.5 are chickens?  Chickens are complex and intelligent birds who are often underestimated and undervalued.

When you become a sponsor at Little oak you will be helping Chickens, Roosters, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys. Your sponsorship will support Little Oak's essential advocacy work – sharing the stories of individual birds and the plight of their kind across the nation. 


Sponsor today, and we'll take you on a journey to learn more about chickens, roosters, ducks and turkeys through our regular updates - exclusive only to our monthly sponsors. We'll also keep you up to date on how your monthly gifts are helping to secure a brighter future for the chickens at Little Oak, and their kind across Australia.

Your contribution



Buys vet supplies to help treat injured birds



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Feeds the hens for a month

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Looking for a unique gift idea?  We offer Gift Sponsorships via a one off payment, perfect for an animal lover. 

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