Animal Facts - from cruelty to compassion

Knowledge is power - education empowers us all to make decisions that align with our values, based on facts.


Pigs are remarkable, complex beings.  We share some facts about standard practices in Australian Pig Farming and insights we've gained through living with our resident pigs at the sanctuary.


We've been told sheep are silly, but has the wool been pulled over our eyes?  We share some facts about sheep and how they are impacted by sheep farming in Australia.


Did you know Turkeys make over 20 distinct vocalisations, including a purring noise?  We share more facts about these remarkable birds including how they are impacted by the demand for Turkey products in Australia.

Chicken or the Egg?

Who do you put first? We share facts about the egg industry and how it impacts chickens. 

Duck out of Water

Ducks are water birds - meaning they naturally live on or around water.  You may be shocked to learn that in Australia, the majority of ducks farmed for meat are denied just that.


We share facts about the dairy industry and how cows are impacted, as well as introducing four characters who call Little Oak home.



The glitz, the glamour, it's fun to have a flutter. But did you know the not so glamorous facts about horse racing?


Animal agriculture impacts significantly on wildlife, in fact it is the leading cause of species extinction.

Compassion in Action

Compassion is an action word! Here are some great ways for you to put your compassion into action for animals today!

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