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“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?” -  John E. Lewis

Ivy was born around January 2011, and arrived at Little Oak Sanctuary in November 2013.

Ivy was born on a farm where goats were bred for slaughter.  She spent the first six months of her life with her mother before being saved from slaughter as she was purchased as a goat companion for a pet goat someone had, named Billy.


Six months later Billy's family were told of the plight of a goat at Blacktown pound who had given birth to triplets.  The smallest of the three was not doing well at all. Her brothers were getting all of their mum's milk and she was not gaining weight. On seeing the condition of the little girl, there was no question that she would be coming home to live with Billy and Ivy. The new baby was literally skin on bone and had coccidia and lice. She was named Angel.  After receiving veterinary treatment, she started to gain weight and become a healthy little goat.


Sadly, about a year later threats from a violent neighbour meant that Billy's family felt the trio were no longer safe where they lived. Seeking a new home where these three beautiful goats would be safe and protected, Little Oak Sanctuary were contacted and we were able to provide refuge for them. 


In the weeks leading up to these lovely guys coming to the sanctuary, they were moved to a friends property to keep them safe temporarily.  During this narrow period of time, a neighbours male goat visited the trio and as it turns out, left both female goats pregnant with twins! Their twin babes were born into sanctuary, Ivy's babies are named Gotye and Goldie Horns.


These three beautiful characters are a wonderful example of how impulsive decisions made by humans can go so very badly for animals. 


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