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“What makes night within us may leave stars.” ~ Victor Hugo

Birthdate: 15 October 2018   Arrival date: 30 November 2018


Artorias or Artie as he's known to his friends was born on 15th October 2015.  Separated from his mother, Artie's time was running out.  Fortune shone on this orphaned lamb when a wildlife carer happened upon him - unable to find his flock, they took him to safety.

The Australian sheep industry estimates that more than 10 million lambs die within 48 hours of birth, with an average mortality rate of 25% for lambs up to the age they are weaned.

Artie was raised by one of our wonderful lamb foster families.  Laila, Will & Elsie gave Artie the very best start to life and he will now spend his life advocating for his kind.

Please think of these innocent babies before supporting the wool or sheep meat industries, there is so much hidden suffering, and each of these beings values their lives as their most important possession. We can choose alternatives that don't support suffering or death.



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