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*** UPDATE ***

Can you help us? Urgent help is needed; please share!


We were so close to reaching our goal of $20,000 for feed when disaster struck! Our 61-year-old tractor (Charlie) that has helped us for the past 11 years has experienced catastrophic damage to its 67-year-old tyre. A destroyed tyre might not seem like a big deal, but parts are becoming increasingly hard to find, and even if we could find a replacement tyre, Charlie is becoming less reliable and isn't very safe. We urgently need to buy a new (second-hand tractor). A tractor is vital to our work; we use it to create and manage fire breaks, sew seed and manage pastures, drill post holes for fences, maintain our driveway, access to the sanctuary, and much more! 


Now we need to not only raise the remaining $5k to cover feed, but we also need to raise a further $10k (at least!) to purchase an upgraded tractor. Tractors are not cheap, but we don't know how we will manage if we can't get a replacement!


If you can, I'm asking you tonight to please chip in what you can. If you've been following our work but haven't donated before, please consider making a small contribution. We, of course, understand many people can not, and we would love it if you could please share this with others if that is the case.


Just $5 from each of you would be amazing – I know some of you have already donated, and we are SO grateful. 


Here's hoping we can reach our goal and continue saving more lives thanks to your generosity.


At Little Oak, we know that sometimes the best way to change how animals are treated is to show it; putting kindness, compassion, respect into action, through being the change that we want to see in the world


This Christmas, join us in creating a world of peace and joy for ALL as we ask you to help us raise a much-needed $20,000 to help feed the 262 rescued animals currently in our care. Your gift allows us to extend the gift of a kind and compassionate life to as many individuals as possible.  


Farmed animals are relying on you to give them a chance at a life they deserve, and we are so grateful for you, our friends, as we celebrate all we can accomplish when we put compassion into action. 


All donations over $2 are tax-deductible for Australian residents.

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Buys a bag of feed for the chooks, roosters and ducks



A big thank you to our supporters

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