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Ultimate guide to dairy free chocolate

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Not into cruelty - but totally addicted to chocolate?

Well here’s some great news, there’s no need to give up the sweet treats! There’s an abundance of choice out there today, our guide will help you navigate the chocolate aisle and find your absolute favourite.

Why dairy free?

Cows & Calves

If you stop to think about it, what’s the most important thing to you? When it comes down to it, most of us consider family and those we choose as our own family as our highest priority – that’s what life’s about right? But do we consider how important those bonds are to others, especially those of other species? We may not be the same as other animals – but in many ways that counts – we are. The hormones that create the right environment for foetuses to develop in the womb, ensure a timely birth, trigger lactation and orchestrate the neural systems that ensure maternal nurturing, bonding and protection of our young – we share with other mammals, including cows.

Many people don’t know that cows don’t produce milk as a matter of course. As mammals (like us) they must produce a baby in order to produce milk for them. As a result, cows in the dairy industry are kept almost continually pregnant. Once their calves are born, mother cows will experience the same bonding hormones as we do, a process that nature has established over thousands of years of evolution, ensuring we provide the necessary care for our vulnerable young. Sadly, in the dairy industry calves will be removed from their mothers in the first 5 days of their life so that the mother’s milk can be harvested for humans. This is extremely stressful for both cow and calf.

If the calves are female they may be kept replacing their mother when old enough, unless they are surplus to requirements. If they are male they have no potential for producing milk and as such will be sent to their death along with the excess males, until they are no longer able to keep up the level of production, then they are sent to their deaths. In Australia this amounts to over 400,000 calves heading to slaughter per year as waste products of the dairy industry. Little Oak Animal Sanctuary is home to four survivors of the Dairy industry, hear their story here.

James Brown and Barry White of Little Oak Sanctuary

Lactose & our health

Know someone who’s lactose intolerant? Lactose intolerant yourself? If you’re an adult – that’s to be expected. As babies we can digest lactose, a naturally occurring sugar that is part of our mother’s milk. As we age and are no longer reliant on our mother’s breast milk for sustenance, in most cases we slowly and naturally lose the ability to process this. So, if lactose doesn’t agree with you there’s no need to feel less-than, it just means you’re no longer a baby – and it’s highly unlikely if you’re reading this that you were ever a baby cow!

Dairy and the Environment

Dairy is catastrophic for the environment – it carries all the same environmental impacts as farming cows for their meat. The combination of gas produced by cattle and the release of carbon from forest destruction and land clearing are significant causes of greenhouses, driving climate change.

Today 90% of native vegetation clearing in Australia is to make way for grazing land.

A dairy farm of 2,500 cows produces as much waste as a city of over 400,000 people- that’s the entire population of Canberra! Sediment run off from cattle farms is having a significant impact on the health of the Great Barrier Reef, to highlight just one area impacted by this issue.

Dairy's impact on our planet is significant

The Ultimate Guide to Dairy Free Chocolate

We've done the hard yards. We've searched the internet, braved the shops, read the labels, and eaten more chocolate than anyone should have ever eaten. You know why? because we're here for you, that's why. Today we share the results that have come from our painstaking research, enjoy!

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate

Bennetto Natural Foods Co

This range of chocolate bars is just gorgeous. From the stunning designs on the boxes, to the actual chocolate itself, stamped with intricate patterns - we can't get enough - and that's before even tasting it! This chocolate is absolutely delicious and such a treat for all of your senses - just beautiful.

Available at IGA or Cruelty Free Shops


Lindt Excellence 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% Cocoa blocks do not have milk products in them, and of course the iconic dark chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny is also dairy free! (our fave)

Available at most supermarkets

Dairy Free Milk Chocolate

Vego Bar

Available at IGA and Cruelty Free Shops

Treat Dreams

Sydney Sweet-treat creators Treat Dreams bring incredibly high quality hand made and fun chocolates and sweet creations to Australia. Our faves at Easter time (because you can't choose just one favourite) are their Dream eggs - if you're a fan of the old cream egg type treat, you will love this cruelty free version. Super pretty and super sweet - and hand made in Australia - what more could you want? Oh waste free? Well surprise! They also produce a waste free Dream Egg - located at a select few retail outlets this is where chocolate meets the future!

Sweet William

The original, classic Sweet William chocolate, smooth and chocolatey, for all those who just love their chocolate straight up.

Dairy Free White Chocolate

Sweet William

As above but white - we can't go past the White Chocolate with strawberry pieces! SO GOOD. A sweet, creamy white chocolate experience, for that ‘cloud nine’ feeling. If you sandwich together a bit of Sweet William white chocolate and some Lindt dark chocolate you get your own version of a top deck style treat. #lifehacks we bring them to you!

Easter Eggs & Bunnies

Sweet William

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Vegan - and DELICIOUS! Sweet William make a variety of delicious Easter themed treats, perfect for kids (or adults) and super allergy-friendly.


Choices brand Easter goodies are available from Aldi Stores. Not only are they dairy free, but also wheat free, gluten free and egg free - so you can be kind to your allergies and to cows - perfection!

Lindt Gold Bunny - Dark

Listed twice. Because #bunny

Lindt Excellence 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% Cocoa blocks do not have milk products in them, and of course the iconic dark chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny is also dairy free! (our fave)

Ok but where can I get my hands on them?

Many supermarkets (IGA, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi) stock options that are dairy free, but if you want the best supply you can't go past Australia's own Cruelty Free Shop, and if you dont have one near you - you can buy online and have them delivered to your door! Magic :)

Jack Black, Barry White and James Brown of Little Oak Sanctuary thank you for making kind choices for cows!

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