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Learn at Little Oak animal sanctuary

Knowledge is power - education empowers us all to make decisions that align with our values, based on facts.



We rarely see farmed animals portrayed as the individuals they are.  As we usually only them in large groups, or not at all in the case of those hidden away in sheds, we don't get the opportunity to know them as the individuals they are.  They are individuals who share our capacity for joy, fear and pain.


The Environment

Animal agriculture is one of the leading cause of global warming, water usage, oceanic dead zones, land clearing, species extinction, suffering and death, yet most people are largely unaware of the impact what they eat has on our planet.  So what are some of the facts?

Vegetable Garden

Our Health

All of the healthful components of food, the antioxidents, phytochemicals, fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins that we need originate in plants, not animals. If they are present, it is because the animal ate plants. And why should we go through an animal to get the benefits of the plants themselves?

Sustainable world environment, CSR with


Compassion is an action word! Here are some great ways for you to put your compassion into action today!

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