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Little Oak Farm Animal Sanctuary has been significantly impacted by the ongoing drought conditions in our region.  As a registered charity we are not eligible for any drought relief assistance (this is only accessible to businesses) and as such we have had to battle the costs of dealing with ongoing drought on our own.  Drought conditions lead to scarcity of feed and increased prices - in our region hay prices went from $12 to over $27 a small bale of hay, and that was when it could be sourced.  The impact on our work extends beyond the financial cost of purchasing hay as additional time is taken pumping water and the emotional toll of the increased number of animals seeking sanctuary as people abandoned them due to feed costs being so high.

For more explanation of drought conditions and how drought is classified please see our 2018 Annual Report.

We are currently still officially in drought conditions in our area, and although the prices have come down from the worst point of the drought, we are still paying substantially more than we have previously as stocks remain low, and we are feeding out more due to limited pasture growth over summer.  We are grateful for all contributions that help us through this period of drought, if you would like to make a donation to support us please see the details below.

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