The Bush fires of 2019

Drought, fires and floods

The drought has just gotten worse and worse. The pastures at Little oak are dry and dusty, the creek has stopped and our dams are drying up, and all this before we even hit summer. Due to a decision by council, Local water carters are no longer able to deliver water to us for our tanks, meaning we have to go farther afield to find water to keep our animal residents alive, this will make water deliveries more expensive. The drought is in its third year; things are only getting more desperate.

As we endure another very hot and dry summer, we urgently need to stock up on hay for the 186 animals we have in our care, and ensure we have funds to cover water to keep everyone alive. The sheep, goats, cattle, horses, all of our birds, the pigs; all need food and water to survive.

To make matters worse, the cost of hay is at all-time highs ($25 for a small bale and $280+ for large bales), It is costing us over $1700 a week to feed our animals and the wildlife that have come across from the nearby fire grounds. Water cartage pricing increases just add to the pressure.

That's the basics we need to survive, but going forward we need to upgrade our equipment to allow us to better implement our fire plans.  We need to undertake repairs on our horse float, purchase a stock trailer and truck to ensure should we need to evacuate again, we can do so whilst ensuring the animals are transported with the care and respect we require.