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Meet the Little Oak Sanctuary Team
Co Founder James
Co Founder Kate
Co Founder - James
Co founder - Kate
Little Timmy Piglet
Little Timmy Piglet

Kate & James are the founders and operators of Little Oak Sanctuary.

Having both grown up with a soft spot for animals, it wasn’t until later in life that we realised our values of compassion and commitment to non violence weren’t reflected through our actions.  We realised that morally speaking, there was no difference between the animals we shared our homes and lives with, the dogs, cats, and horses that we considered part of the family, and those whose bodies we had been eating without a second thought. 


We knew the animals we lived with had their own personalities and quirks.  It occurred to us that there was no reason to believe that animals raised for food wouldn’t have distinct personalities too.  They feel joy, sorrow, fear, they play and have friends.  In short, they value their lives as we value our own.  We could no longer justify taking their lives for no greater reason than to please our palates.  A little piglet came along and inspired us to start the sanctuary - his story is featured to the right.

We both work outside of the sanctuary to fund its operation. Kate is a professional photographer and business manager for a not for profit organisation in town whilst James is a musician who teaches and plays professionally.  

Over the years, James has developed significant skills and expertise in animal handling along with land management and machinery repairs.

Kate uses her photography skills creating content for our site and social media, whilst her business skills are put to use undertaking the sanctuary's accounts, administration, governance and grant applications.

In 2012, we adopted two piglets,  Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Piggy (or Tiger, for short) and Little Timmy Piglet. Little did we know the place these two amazing beings would take in our hearts!

Sadly Little Timmy Piglet, became ill.  Our brave man battled recurring infections, and in December of 2012, the infection tragically reached his brain and he passed away suddenly during a vet examination.

This little man will not be forgotten. He planted a seed in our hearts, and we will continue to share the message of living with compassion for all living creatures.  We planted an oak tree over his grave – it seemed to fit well - Timmy was a tiny piglet whom grew to be a young pig of great strength and yet great gentleness. We know his time on this earth although short, was one of great meaning. Little Timmy Piglets’ Oak tree – although small, is a tree of great strength.

We named the sanctuary “Little Oak” to reflect this and honour Timmy. It is a sanctuary that is small in size, but hopes to be one of great strength – the strength of both compassion and information.

Sanctuary Hand Volunteers

Our sanctuary relies on volunteers to operate.  We have around 50 regular volunteers who help out each weekend undertaking routine animal care and shelter maintenance tasks.

These compassionate souls, who give up their spare time to help animals in the cold, hot, windy, or dusty conditions are simply amazing.  

We also have volunteers who, although unable to help out in person, can help remotely, or help us on market stalls in Canberra, rural NSW or Sydney.

If you'd like to help us out in any capacity, check out our volunteering page and/or get in touch!